Boat Donation

                                                     Boat Donation Program                                                        

We are an IRS-approved non-profit organization; we professionally manage charitable yacht and boat donation programs nationwide.

Boat donation allows us to provide direct funding and other specific assistance to organizations that support our environment and fishery as well as our children and young adults in education. 

Donating your boat is a very practical way to relieve yourself of the costs and responsibilities of ownership while receiving a tax deduction and helping our local youth programs and our environmental and fishery program all in one smooth transaction.

The Ocean Reef Conservation Association is able to accept your boat donation from anywhere in the United States and abroad.
We provide fast and professional service, and we assume all expenses of boat ownership such as moorage, maintenance and insurance immediately upon receipt of your Deed of Gift.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our boat donation program can benefit you. Just tell us about the vessel you would like to donate, calling us at: 305-367-2669 or e-mail us at

Recent Donations
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